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First lines: The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. At the moment, it looks like he’s going to take two spots in my annual favorite book top five. And it’s very likely that his latest one, The Graveyard Book, will take take the top spot. It’s just that good. The book opens with the… Read more »

First lines: Dolores Claiborne

You mustn’t read Dolores Claiborne, they say, ‘cus it’s just some old woman sittin’ with some coppers, tellin them the story of her life, and how she killed that no-good husband of hers. Just some fine advice that I’ve been given. But in my quest to read every book that Stephen King has written, it… Read more »

First lines: The Alchemyst

No, this is not that Paolo Coelho book about following your dreams. This is that book about twins in pursuit of the Book of Abraham the Mage, which contains the secret to life everlasting and might just as well bring on the total destruction of the world if it falls in the wrong hands. You… Read more »

First lines: Gerald’s Game

A solitary cabin in the woods of western Maine. Gerald lies dead on the floor, which leaves his wife with a tiny problem, as she lies handcuffed to the bed. End of chapter one. Jessie has to find a way to escape, otherwise a certain death by dehydration (or perhaps, madness) awaits. During the remaining… Read more »

Two things

First lines: Philip en de anderen Supposedly, this book is about a boy waking up to the real world. I thought it was mostly a incoherent snoozefest. Cees Nooteboom — Philip en de anderen Mijn oom Antonin Alexander was een vreemde man. Tomorrow