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First lines: Animal Farm

The first time I read Animal Farm was back in high school, when I had to read a load of books for my English classes. Since then, I kinda figured out that I only like reading when I don’t have too, so it’s safe to assume I found it a drag. Luckily my teacher allowed… Read more »

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First lines: Soul Music

Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced here—just take a look at that cover, add to that some nuggets like one out of three ain’t bad and I remember everything. […] Every little detail. As if it happened only yesterday. and top it of with a motorcycle crashing after seeing that sudden curve way too late ¹—but… Read more »

First Lines: Pet Sematary

What if your cat gets killed in the road, and you decide to bury it in an old and Indian (Native American if you’re so inclined) burial ground. What if it returns the next day, almost brand spanking new but totally different just the same? What if it wasn’t your cat, but your kid? That’s… Read more »

First lines: Mr. Justice Maxell

With over 170 novels, 24 plays and a couple of screenplays (including a first draft of “King Kong”), you can’t say that Edgar Wallace was not a prolific writer. Mr. Justice Maxell (1922) is one of his many crime novels. If this book is representative for the crime genre, I would say it’s not my… Read more »

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First lines: Hogfather

So: Pratchett, Discworld, Hogfather. When reading the first two Discworld (1, 2) novels in order wasn’t exactly working out for me—and I was told that the first few weren’t all that to begin with—I took a random plunge in the middle of the proverbial pool. As much as I think I like this book, I’m… Read more »