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First Lines: Smoke & Mirrors

Although this theory has enormous gaps in it, I think that, most of the time, ‘best of’ albums are a good way of getting introduced to an artist, especially if that artist has a large back catalog. Taking an uninformed plunge into an artists repertoire can result in picking that one awful record, and stop… Read more »

First Lines: The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion argues that any creative intelligence, of sufficient complexity to design anything, comes into existence only as the end product of an extended process of gradual evolution. And since 1) evolution does a perfect job at explaining how complex organisms like us humans came to be, 2) there is no factual… Read more »

First Lines: Christine

Last month, I spend quite a lot of time in bed with Christine. The book, that is. I know, bad joke. Sorry. One would suspect that Christine is one of King’s more well known works . A quick, non-representative poll (name tree books and/or movies by Stephen King) didn’t support that theory. It, Carrie, The… Read more »

First Lines: Verzamelde Mannen

Diederik van Vleuten & Erk van Muiswinkel — Verzamelde Mannen Zaallicht gaat uit. Doek open. All right, not the first lines exactly, but close enough. It sets the stage for the rest of the book, which is a compilation of the texts of Van Vleuten and Van Muiswinkel’s first three theater programs: Mannen van de… Read more »

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First Lines: Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

So. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. How does it end? Let me tell you: After a quick sweep through the wizarding world and just the slightest bit of luck (who’d imagine a simple spell like “accio Horcruxes” would work?), Harry and his friends gather the last remaining Horcruxes, artifacts created by Dark Magic and… Read more »