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Pragmatically Splitting ASP.NET StyleBundles for IE

Lets start with a disclaimer: I am a front-end guy. I *heart-emoji* HTML and CSS. I know my way around javascript. But I am not a programmer. My knowledge of ASP.NET/C# is minimal. So the following will probably be bloody obvious for people who are C#-gurus, but here we go anyway. Another disclaimer: this is… Read more »

First Lines: De kracht van Scrum

Last week, a co-worker gave me a book that I had to read. You see, we’re moving to a more Agile approach of working on the website. And reading up on the Scrum method was sorta kinda required. The very first line of the very first of a two page list of raving recommendations says… Read more »

On Sticky Headers and Internal Links

Time for something geeky. Suppose, you got yourself a website, which just has to have a header that stays on the top of the page. That’s easy. Add some position: fixed to your stylesheet, and Håkon‘s your uncle. The thing is, there might be some content following your header. And in that content, the might… Read more »