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Pragmatically Splitting ASP.NET StyleBundles for IE

Lets start with a disclaimer: I am a front-end guy. I *heart-emoji* HTML and CSS. I know my way around javascript. But I am not a programmer. My knowledge of ASP.NET/C# is minimal. So the following will probably be bloody obvious for people who are C#-gurus, but here we go anyway. Another disclaimer: this is… Read more »

First Lines: De kracht van Scrum

Last week, a co-worker gave me a book that I had to read. You see, we’re moving to a more Agile approach of working on the website. And reading up on the Scrum method was sorta kinda required. The very first line of the very first of a two page list of raving recommendations says… Read more »

On Sticky Headers and Internal Links

Time for something geeky. Suppose, you got yourself a website, which just has to have a header that stays on the top of the page. That’s easy. Add some position: fixed to your stylesheet, and Håkon‘s your uncle. The thing is, there might be some content following your header. And in that content, the might… Read more »

This Painting is Not Available in Your Country

The internet is a big photocopier. Every time you load a page or save a file, you make a copy. Copyright law originated in a time when it was very hard, if not impossible, to make copies. So, it’s no surprise that the entertainment industry doesn’t really get along with the internet that well. Or,… Read more »