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Ready, Schmeady

In case you have been living under a rock: Apple has just released the iPod Touch XXL iPad. The device itself doesn’t interest me much, so I’d like to talk about related subject: Apple’s official list of “iPad-ready websites.” While Apple is being vague what “iPad-ready” really means, from the language on the page and… Read more »

Nerd Alert: Website Stats

A couple of months ago, the demo of a song scheduled to be released on Meat Loaf’s upcoming album Hang Cool Teddy Bear appeared on the internet. In October I took a quick and dirty stab at transcribing the lyrics, and put it on my website. Nothing much happened. Then it became clear that this… Read more »

Number 69

The last couple of months I came to the conclusion that my Windows XP installation was getting real messed up. Something had to be done. So yesterday I decided that it was time to ditch Windows altogether and installed Ubuntu 9.10. That’s a big fat check-mark next to number 69 on my list of 100… Read more »

More web stats

For those of you who enjoyed my previous post with the web stats for this site: head on over to the (almost) complete Meat Loaf & Jim Steinman lyric archive for another dose.

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong

On today’s science page of Dutch news site the following headlines grabbed my attention: ‘Sociale intelligentie van apen overschat’ Reusachtige gasstroom is ouder dan gedacht ‘G-spot bestaat toch niet’ ‘Levensloze’ eiwitten kunnen evolueren Zonnestelsel is iets jonger dan gedacht Scientists have discovered that the social intelligence of apes is being overestimated, that a giant… Read more »

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