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Nerd-alert: Webstats 2009

Last year, there have been 4,705 visits from 2,893 absolute unique visitors, resulting in 7,707 pageviews. The average length of their stay was 50 seconds. That’s a bit up from last year. Those vistors came from 77 countries (one more than last year) on all six continents. Top 5 countries with the most visitors (and… Read more »

Missing Links

Today, scientists dealt Theory of Evolution a heavy blow with the announcement of a newly discovered dinosaur species. Aardonyx celestae has a “very significant position in the family tree of dinosaurs” because it may very well be the missing link between early bipedal dinosaurs and the massive sauropods. Now, I know you’re thinking, If this… Read more »

Fixing’s library with Greasemonkey

While I love all the data my library, I was missing something. To be precise, easy access from song and album pages in your library to the corresponding artist page in your library. Also, while there is a link to the site-wide artist pages, there is no link to the side-wide album pages. So… Read more »

Bumafaal faalt

Buma / Stemra [heeft] op 1 oktober jl. haar tarieven voor 2010 gepubliceerd voor gebruik van muziek op het internet. Onderdeel daarvan was het tarief voor niet-bedrijfsmatig muziekgebruik door middel van zgn. embedded files. Dit onderdeel van het tarief heeft tot grote commotie geleid bij een breed publiek en in de volksvertegenwoordiging. Deze commotie heeft… Read more »

Find Flickr photopage Flickr bookmarklet

Sometimes, for some reason, people hotlink an image from Flickr, without a link back to its photopage. Like the pretty picture here. And sometimes, you’d like to see that image in a different size, you want to know if you can use it in your newspaper, or whatever. So you right click the right-click the… Read more »

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