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Embracing my inner nerd

This should come as no surprise: I’m a nerd. I am a book nerd, a web nerd, a music nerd, a useless trivia nerd, you name it. To be precise: I ♥ stuff, and I’m not all too picky in the “stuff I like” department. The easiest example would be this: once I discover this… Read more »

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HTML5 introduced the audio and video elements, which would make it a lot easier to embed audio and/or video in a webpage than it is now. Unfortunately, the browser vendors cannot seem to reach a consensus as to which codex the audio and video elements should be supported. Behold the comparison table* for audio-formats below:… Read more »

Lesson learned

Okay, so I just pieced together my first Greasemonkey user script, which exposes the short URLs Flickr provides. Neat little thing, and probably worth publishing so that everybody can use it, right? Well, guess what. Indeed: if I had done what I normally do—i.e., spend a little time searching the internet instead of just one… Read more »