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First Lines: The Book of All Things

During train journey, I re-read Guus Kuijer’s magnificent Het boek van alle dingen, in its English translation. While it still is a great, great read, I felt that just maybe something got lost in the translation. It does still contain some good advice though: “Hold on,” said Mrs. van Amersfoort. “I may have something for… Read more »

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Seen Live: Chris de Burgh

Way back in 2001, at The Night of the Proms in Rotterdam, I was waiting for Meat Loaf. He was headlining, so we got to see Tony Martin of ABC, Adiemus, John “Music was my first love” Miles, surprise act K-otic and Chris de Burgh first. De Burgh started with that godawful song about dancing… Read more »

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Seen Live: a balladeer

The 24th a balladeer gig I saw was in my brother’s living room. It was the smallest crowd I have been part of yet. Myself included, there were just fourteen people there. And yet, the concept of shutting up in such an intimate setting didn’t occur to some of them. A funny thing happened: I… Read more »

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Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill, songwriter and producer for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage, has died. And even through I have bitched a bit here and there about TSO swallowing up my first-ever favorite band, this blows. O’Neill helped make Savatage what they were (theatrical, symphonical, over-the-top-rock-opera-metal awesomeness), he co-wrote all music and wrote most of the words, and… Read more »