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About This Thing That Happened

It’s half past seven, Wednesday evening, November 23rd, and I’m sitting way up in the attic working on some stuff before I have to do a bar shift at my volleyball club. As I stand up to go take a pill I forgot and a toilet break, pain rips between my shoulder blades. By the… Read more »

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Hey, America

Don’t do anything stupid now, okay? Thanks, Everybody else.

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We’ll Never Be as Young as We Are Right Now (XIII)

It’s that time to start a fire And I know we’ll make it good We’re overflowing with desire You got the spark, I’ve got wood We got to let our voices soar More than any song we’ve ever sung It’s time we started speaking in tongues Speaking in tongues … There are things we learn… Read more »

Somebody told me

It ain’t right It ain’t fair Castles fall in the sand And we fade in the air And the good girls go to heaven But the bad girls go everywhereGood Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)

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To my great surprise, I saw 10e making the very same fancy dance move I always make when I’m totally gettin’ my groove on in Arjen Lubach’s latest vlog filmpje. * (Gif made with GIPHY) And I was all, like, omekot. * Fun fact: once upon a time Martine and Arjen (along with the rest… Read more »

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