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Tell It Like It Is

It’s not unlike in that song “The Future Soon” by the great philosopher Jonathan Coulton: It’s gonna be the future soon And I won’t always be this way When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away Except that it’s not quite exactly like that. I’ll get to keep the strange. So,… Read more »

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Cat Leaves Bag

LinkedIn mails me all the time. Mostly, it’s recruiters. This time, it was one of the founders of Blendle, “a digital kiosk selling individual articles from newspapers and magazines to internet users”. One of his developers noticed my profile, and he was told he should mail me, like, now. If I’d be interested in coming… Read more »

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2014 in Review

Even though I’ve been seriously neglecting this website for most of the year (I’m still a write up of a book behind), I’m not about to stop writing up the past year in a series of lists. So. 2014. In lists. Books Erasmus — De lof der zotheid (2014-10-16—2014-12-22) Charles Vess (et al) — The… Read more »

We’ll Never Be as Young as We Are Right Now (XI)

There are things that must be magic There’s no explaining why and how And there’s every sign that once upon a time Is starting here and now …Angels Arise, from Dance of the Vampires Happy birthday, Jim.