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List mania IV

After having them lay around for up to six weeks, these links still smelled somewhat fresh. Why I love vinyl: Sleeve Heads. Also, Sleeveface. Say, you’re making a movie about D-Day, and you need to storm the beach. You only have three actors. What would you do? Remember that Sony bouncy-ball ad? Doing it for… Read more »

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Levels of Hell

Some people don’t really like “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. In fact, this is an actual statement I came across today: I hate that song, and believe there is a special layer of Hell that plays nothing but Jim Steinman songs. Of course, that would be paradise. So I started to wonder what other levels… Read more »

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Meme time: Random ten

It’s simple: load all your music in your favorite player, shuffle/randomize, and post the first ten tracks that come up. Queensrÿche – I Don’t Believe In Love Winter Rose – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again Black Sabbath – Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me) [mp3] Keane – We Might As Well Be… Read more »

Meme time: Make a band

Don’t know exactly how I found this meme, but here we go: The title of whatever random Wikipedia page you land on is the name of the band. The last four words of the last quote on this page is the title of the album. Put the last word of the quote (the album title)… Read more »

Some statistics

My new website went live just after I moved to my new apartment in June. This time, I’m keeping track of my esteemed visitors. Here are some numbers. There have been 1,207 visits from 620 unique visitors, resulting in 2,109 pageviews. People have been visiting from 39 countries, covering all six continents. The five countries… Read more »