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Just three months and another year’s over. Here are the artists I’ve been listening to the most in the last three months, according to my account: Dream Theater (77 plays) Bløf (67) Meat Loaf (51) Eefje de Visser (42) Daniël Lohues (41) Claudia de Breij (39) Porcupine Tree (37)SoloRoosbeef Within Temptation (33) Dream Theater… Read more »

Ask Me About My Shirt

My collection of t-shirts—I got more of those than I probably need—has taught me a couple of things. Since explaining the same thing over and over is a total drag, consider this a public service. Haikus are easy. Not many people agree. Ignoramuses. Also, very few people seem to know just what a haiku is…. Read more » Stats 2011, Part 1

Since the first three months of 2011 are done, it’s time to look at what I’ve been playing according to First, the artists: Daniël Lohues (134 plays) Bløf (104) After Forever (84) Simon & Garfunkel (80) Meat Loaf (61) Evergrey (60) Within Temptation (59) Dio (55) Rush (54) Claudia de Breij (48) Daniël Lohues,… Read more »

Webstats 2010

If you like long, boring posts with lots of numbers and more information about this site than you probably need, this is your lucky day. Webstats time! Last year there were 4,064 visits from 2,407 unique visitors to this website. With an average of 1.53 pageviews per visit, a grand total of 6,199 pages were… Read more »

What I’ve Been Listening To (4)

More lists. Yesterday I posted my most played artists of the year. This is the list for the last quarter of 2010. Dio (101) Bruce Springsteen (96) Star One (73) Dans der Vampieren (68) Heart (65) Acda en De Munnik (59) Daniël Lohues (56) Porcupine Tree (50) Meat Loaf (47) Skik (43) And while… Read more »