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Fat Out of Hell

A couple of weeks ago, when I tracked down one of the few pieces I still think I need for my Meat Loaf collection, I came across a mysterious Meat Loaf tribute album called Fat Out of Hell by some guy going by the very imaginative name MeatBalls. Usually, I don’t care for that kind… Read more »

What I’ve Been Listening To (3)

2010 is already three fourths done. Dang, that went fast. Here are some more stats concerning my listening habits of the last quarter. Alice Cooper (103 plays) Porcupine Tree (89) a balladeer (80) Bruce Springsteen (72) Rush (67) Carole King (66) Meat Loaf (65) Hanson (60) mr. a balladeer (51) Daniël Lohues (50) Alice Cooper… Read more »

Meat Loaf in Slagharen

Because some people got the crazy idea that I’m some kind of computer whizkid, people sometimes ask me if I can do something for them. Truth be told, as long as those damn things just work I can usually persuade them to do my bidding, but when they don’t, well, damn them straight to damnation…. Read more »