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Point Blank

I’m an album person. As in, I usually listen to albums from beginning to end. They’re in that order for a reason, right? Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen’s The River came up on my mp3-player. Which is one of the few Springsteen albums that doesn’t work for me. And not in a Human Touch/Lucky Town/Ghost of Tom… Read more »

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Bonus Tracks

Some time ago, I got a newsletter saying Wende‘s new album № 9 would be out soon. It even included a nifty link to pre-order it. So I did. The album arrived, and all was well. Until I found out that there was an iTunes bonus track. * Damn. Then, yesterday, I found out that… Read more »

We’ll Never Be as Young as We Are Right Now (VI)

And I don’t ever wanna be rescued And I don’t ever wanna be saved I got the feeling that I’m gonna be alive forever Dancing on the edge of a grave Dancing on the edge of a Dancing on the edge of a Dancing on the edge of a grave… Happy birthday, Jimmy.

Dat je het even weet

Ik ben niet ongelukkig, ik ben ook nooit echt bang Ik maak me wel eens zorgen maar dat duurt nooit zo lang Ik ben zeker niet onzeker, ik weet altijd wat ik doe Ik sta stevig in mijn schoenen en ik ben nog lang niet moe Ik ben nooit ontevreden over dingen die ik maak… Read more »