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41 Shots? Get out!

On July 12th, 2009, Bruce Springsteen & his mighty fine E Street Band performed the song American Skin (41 Shots) for the first time since October 2003, and for the very first time outside of the US. It was one of my highlights from that show. Last night I noticed a recording of that show,… Read more »

New music

We’re about halfway through 2009, and I’ve added 52 albums to my collection. That’s not counting free (and legal) downloads, singles, EPs and vinyl (which I can’t play anyway since I’m still waiting for my pick-up to return). Of those 52 albums, 17 were released this year, and my top five from those goes a… Read more »

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Live gezien: Krezip

Krezip ging stoppen. Na twaalf jaar had men het gevoel dat het tijd was om allemaal iets anders te gaan doen, en zo geschiedde. Gisteren was hun laatste optreden in HMH. En het was een prima optreden, wat mij betreft beter dan de laatste keer dat ik ze zag, eind ’07, op hetzelfde podium. Krezip… Read more »

Seen live: Jon Oliva’s Pain

Yesterday I saw Jon Oliva’s Pain live for the third time. And unlike the first two times, I wasn’t totally into it. There’s probably three reasons for that: transportation issues; technical difficulties on stage, which meant that Jon Oliva sat behind his piano all the time; and the setlist, which was very similar to last… Read more »