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Dear Lazyweb,

While I’ll be away for the weekend, I want you to solve something for me. You see, after I posted on the various Bonnie Tyler singles last months, one of my contacts provided me with two alternative single versions. One was a four minute edit, and the other (from the 1991 compilation The Collection) had… Read more »

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Mea culpa

From the land of what the hell was I thinking when I wrote that, presented without any further comment: “First of all, I never sing off key,” said Meat Loaf (born Marvin Lee Aday), calling from his Los Angeles home. “The thing that has irritated me to no end is, maybe my voice isn’t so… Read more »

Brel est mort, vive Brel!

Thirty years ago today, Jacques Brel died. To be quite honest, I know next to nothing about him, apart from that he was supposedly quite an influential composer, lyricist and performer. And that some of my favorite singers have covered him. So here are some links to some Brel covers on Youtube for your enjoyment,… Read more »

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Another year over

So, ehm, tradition seems to dictate that I should pay some attention to a certain singer today, as it’s his 57th or 61st birthday (more on that can still be found in the archive). I know, I might just as well break with the tradition if I don’t give a damn, but then I’d have… Read more »

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