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It’s always good to be back home

For those of you who didn’t catch yesterday’s hint: I’m back home in Amersfoort. There’s still some work left to be done on my knee, which does of course mean that I’m still walking around with two of those damned crutches, but still: I’m home. On a entirely coincidental side note: tomorrow I’m going to… Read more »

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Old Crow out of Hell

Last April, I made some noise about a Meat Loaf promising to play “For Crying Out Loud” in The Netherlands, and that he’d better keep his promise. After last night’s concert in Amsterdam, I’m kinda glad he didn’t play it. It would probably sound just as bad as all the songs he did play. One… Read more »

Cakewalk on Easy Street

Today at ten AM—which is just about the time this post becomes public—I am expected to check myself into the hospital for a knee operation. Sometime later this afternoon, I can take my crutches and go. The rest of the week I will be taking a break from the internet while I suffer and have… Read more »

Boss time

Last wednesday, Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street Band played the Amsterdam Arena. And I was there, for my first Springsteen concert. What a mighty fine gig it was. Sure, it probably wasn’t the best gig I’ve ever seen, but man, that energy, that showmanship, that set list—although my two alltime favorite tracks (“Thunder Road” and… Read more »