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Citaat van de dag

In de comments van een kant nog wal rakend artikel in Trouw, over atheïsme, ongeloof, antireligie, de sociale context daarvan, waarom je dat niet op een grote hoop moet gooien (maar wat het stuk daarna wel doet) en de bizarre aanname dat geenstijlreaguurders überhaupt ergens representatief voor zijn: [Atheïsme] is geen geloof. Het is een… Read more »

Quote of the Day

Last Thursday I was walking down Regent Street, when, to my surprise, I saw a sign in the window of the Apple Store saying Neil Gaiman would be conversing about his upcoming new novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, in about an hour’s time. With Neil Gaiman being one of my favorite… Read more »

Quote of the Day: Pope

Just so you know: I’ve made a resolution not to badmouth the new pope.* It’s not as if he had much choice, Divine guidance and all that. (Of course, this does not exempt the organization he’s now head shepherd of from criticism.) Also: With all this excitement about electing the new pope, I almost totally… Read more »

Quote of the Day: Google Reader

So Google is pulling the plug on Reader. Bummer. Now I’ll have to go looking for a replacement. Whatever that will be, it won’t be an app. In the words of Web-Viking Christian Heilmann: how the hell is an app that I need to download and install on all my devices a replacement for a… Read more »