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Seen Live: Lebbis

As we speak, I’m sipping some coffee, nibbling on some biscotti—you know, those Italian almond cookies you could break a tooth on but which are delicious none-the-less—thinking about what to say about Lebbis’s new show Het grijze gebied. I’m drawing a blank. ‘Cause as I said earlier, writing about comedy doesn’t make sense to me…. Read more »

Seen Live: Yori Swart

At the end of March, Yori Swart released an 12″ EP called Weigh In Weigh Out. And she did a few shows to promote it. One of those shows was in Tivoli’s Spiegelbar, which is, as the name suggests, a bar with loads of mirror(ball)s. And it was a relaxed little show. The opening act… Read more »

Seen Live: BLØF

Most of the time, I go and see bands all by myself. But for BLØF’s theater-tour, I took my mother. You see, when I booked the tickets, my mother was scheduled for some major vascular surgery. That made me quite nervous, so I felt a need to have something in my agenda, something fun, with… Read more »

Seen Live: Delain

The last time I saw Delain, I went home thinking that I didn’t necessarily had to see then live again. It’s not like they suck as a live act. Because they don’t. It’s like, you have this band, that plays pop songs in a heavy arrangement, they’ve got a hot singer that can hit all… Read more »