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Seen Live: Daniël Lohues

After five years, you probably could call it a tradition: Daniël Lohues records an album and tours in support of it, and I go and see him when he plays in Amsterdam’s Kleine Komedie. (In fact, the last four years I somehow managed to end up in the middle of the first row.) The recipe… Read more »

Seen live: Wende

Like many people, I came to know Wende Snijders as “that blonde girl in the red dress that sings French chansons.” (Please note the lack of red dresses behind that link.) Her last album, № 9, went off in another direction. Gone were the red dress and the chansons, and we got her own, English,… Read more »

Seen Live: Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

BeoPlayground is Hedon’s musical playground, where a people of some renown from the Zwolle region can host an evening of their favorite music. Last week the honor went to Arne Slot, a soccer player of some renown from the local FC. Apparently, he likes Bruce Springsteen a lot, so an all-star tribute band to the… Read more »

Seen Live: a balladeer

So last thursday I saw a balladeer for the nineteenth time since 2006. This time it was just Marinus, with the help of Tim Coenen on some songs. Despite the small crowd (I counted 26), the small room (not much bigger than my living room) and the short(ish) set, I once again understood why I… Read more »

Seen Live: Brigitte Kaandorp

While most people will know Brigitte Kaandorp as a comedian, she sure can sing. So when she announced that she would be touring with a show that focused on her songs, I made sure to snatch a ticket. Accompanied by Bernd van den Bos on piano, Kaandorp played a string of songs including ‘Jong en… Read more »