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First Lines: Hier / Seen Live: Bløf

Why, yes! Since the book I finished last week is the biography of the band I saw last friday, there no reason not to wrap both up in a double feature. This year BLØF, one of the most popular bands in The Netherlands, celebrates their twentieth anniversary. Hier: 20 jaar Bløf, the band’s new biography… Read more »

Seen Live: Wende bespeelt de maan

Not so long ago, on a thursday about a week ago, Wende Snijders played a one-off show in Museum Speelklok in Utrecht. Wende bespeelt de maan, Wende plays with the moon, it was called, as the moon was in its first quarter, which, of course, is a symbol for a new start. During the show… Read more »

Seen Live: “Two Men, One Story”

Michiel Flamman (of Solo) and Marinus de Goederen (of a balladeer) just did a little tour of four shows together. If you missed their Two Men, One Story shows, well, you missed out. Michiel and Marinus played their songs, and told about their experiences in the music business. It was lovely. The audience kept quiet…. Read more »

Seen Live: Acda en De Munnik

Last wednesday, I had a day off from painting my new apartment, as I had a ticket to see Acda en De Munnik‘s latest show, ‘t Heerst. And while I enjoyed the evening, I’m still not quite sure what to think of it. Musically it was as good as ever, but the bits in between… Read more »

Seen Live: Brooke Fraser

The last time my little brother was in New Zealand, well over a year ago, he tweeted a link to a music video of a local singer-songwriter I never heard of: Brooke Fraser — Something in the Water Fast forward to sometime last year, when I saw that she was coming to Amsterdam for a… Read more »