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Seen live: Allennig III

As the title implies, Daniël Lohues‘ Allennig cycle is a one-man project. He’s the only musician on the albums, and his shows are just him, a piano and some guitars on an almost empty stage. It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I really got what Skik was all about. That… Read more »

Brilliant songs

Of the three concerts I saw this week, the last one, a balladeer at P60, was my favorite. Not that there was anything wrong with the others, but given the sheer amount of fun I had last night, well, it takes the cake. And since I can’t think of anything useful to say about my… Read more »


Yesterday, I went to see Anneke van Giersbergen with her band Agua de Annique in Amsterdam, which was an acoustic, ‘special show’ to present her new album Pure Air. After she left The Gathering, I didn’t quite pay attention to what she was doing. I knew she had released an Agua de Annique album, but… Read more »

Listen closely

Yesterday, I once again found myself sitting in a theater. As they aren’t common locations for pop/rock concerts over, I started to think that over, and came to the conclusion that I quite like ’em. (Which may be a function of my musical preferences becoming much more mellow.) In the theater, people tend to sit… Read more »


Zij vraagt of ik me vermaakt heb. Ik zeg dat ik niet terug zou blijven komen als dat niet zo was. Daar heb ik een punt. Of ik moet wel heel sado-masochistisch zijn. Je ging toch iets elektronisch doen, las ik? Het laatste nummer dat ze speelde, dat is nieuw en hoort daarbij. En dat… Read more »