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Old Crow out of Hell

Last April, I made some noise about a Meat Loaf promising to play “For Crying Out Loud” in The Netherlands, and that he’d better keep his promise. After last night’s concert in Amsterdam, I’m kinda glad he didn’t play it. It would probably sound just as bad as all the songs he did play. One… Read more »

Boss time

Last wednesday, Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street Band played the Amsterdam Arena. And I was there, for my first Springsteen concert. What a mighty fine gig it was. Sure, it probably wasn’t the best gig I’ve ever seen, but man, that energy, that showmanship, that set list—although my two alltime favorite tracks (“Thunder Road” and… Read more »

Spring cleaning

While not caring about this website for a while is fine with me, but invariably, stuff keeps piling up. So without further ado, tonight’s business. Nightwish in Amsterdam For years, I’ve had the idea that it would be great to go to a concert in the goth-scene (think Within Temptation, After Forever, Nightwish, et al)… Read more »

Seen live: Wende

Tonight, in the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, I got knocked over the head. Again. It was the fourth time I saw a show by Wende Snijders, and just like the previous three times, it was totally beyond awesome. She has the voice and the power to convince me, even when I don’t have the remotest clue what… Read more »

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Meat Loaf in Amsterdam

The short: much better then Cologne. Mr Loaf’s voice was in a better shape then it was two weeks ago, but that was hardly surprising. The sound was very good, the band and the show still rocked, the edit of Anything for Love still doesn’t make sense, the banter throughout Paradise seemed to have no… Read more »