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Seen Live: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden kicked my ass. Perhaps I should leave it at that. It was a magnificent, head-banging, devil horn-throwing, for-Bruce-screaming, fist-pumping blast from the past. Recreating their Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour, Maiden took no prisoners, and just kicked major butt. Seen live Iron Maiden + Voodoo Six at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam on… Read more »

Seen Live: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Seeing Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band in Nijmegen wasn’t the plan. After seeing the show in Wembley, it started to itch, and itches have to be scratched. My esteemed colleague Wilbert had a spare ticket, so I went anyway. Location wise, I’m not sure if Nijmegen’s Goffertpark is the ideal location for a… Read more »

Seen Live: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

When Bruce Springsteen announced his 2013 European tour, I had already bought a ticket to see Iron Maiden two days after his show in The Netherlands. My first thought was: well, if I go see Springsteen on Sunday and Maiden on Tuesday, you can saw off my legs just above the knees on Wednesday. ‘Cause… Read more »

Seen Live: Muse

The only decent picture I took. Epic. What else is there to say? Just epic. Muse have a reputation of being a great live band with an epicly massive show, and having seen them live, I can only say that it’s true. It’s a awesome show, and it’s bloody epic. Even when you’re sitting in… Read more »

Seen Live: Multiple Voice

Most Thursdays at lunch, I discuss my plans for the weekend with my collegue Marjolijn, as she’s one of those people that apparently don’t do Fridays. Apart from seeing Lebbis that Friday, I didn’t have any. So she suggested that if I had time on Sunday, Multiple Voice (the choir she’s in) had a gig…. Read more »