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Dublin (2)

If I were to call my second day in Dublin exciting, I’d be a big fat liar. I walked around a lot, found myself two books (one I’ve read already but still needed for the collection, and one because I needed a new book to read), visited two libraries (I thought that the Chester Beatty… Read more »

Seen live: a balladeer, Lebbis

Sometimes, a movieclip says more than a thousand words. a balladeer — Winterschläfer (live at De Kelder) Seen live a balladeer + Charlie Dée at De Kelder, Amersfoort, april 10, 2009 Set list a balladeer Welcome To Vegas / Jesus Doesn’t Love Me / Fortune Teller / Superman Can’t Move His Legs (with Charlie Dée)… Read more »

Seen live: Acda en De Munnik Spelen

Acda en De Munnik Spelen is the latest show of Dutch theater duo Acda en De Munnik, which incorporates most songs of their latest album Nachtmuziek. Since that isn’t exactly what I think is their best album, I went in not expecting much. As it turns out, the bits in between the songs were quite… Read more »