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Live Redesign Update

So, uhm, yeah. For the last few weeks, there’s been precious little inspiration to, you know, actually do something about this redesign I mentioned. Today, I fiddled around a bit more with the basic layout, and just to force myself to work on it some more, I’m gonna leave it on. It’s still a bit… Read more »

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Live redesign

The purple design of this website was long overdue for an overhaul. My lovely colleague Jochem pestered me into starting this weekend. So I downloaded Bones (a HTML5 WordPress theme specially designed to be completely overhauled), uploaded it, and I’m just about to start hacking away until I think I’m done. I’ll be switching the… Read more »

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Webstats 2010

If you like long, boring posts with lots of numbers and more information about this site than you probably need, this is your lucky day. Webstats time! Last year there were 4,064 visits from 2,407 unique visitors to this website. With an average of 1.53 pageviews per visit, a grand total of 6,199 pages were… Read more »

Nerd-alert: Webstats 2009

Last year, there have been 4,705 visits from 2,893 absolute unique visitors, resulting in 7,707 pageviews. The average length of their stay was 50 seconds. That’s a bit up from last year. Those vistors came from 77 countries (one more than last year) on all six continents. Top 5 countries with the most visitors (and… Read more »