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Thoughts about this place

There’s no way I’m gonna keep up this schedule. Posting seven days in a row is probably just a lucky streak. Tomorrow, I’m planning to make a cautious return to the volleyball field, so I’m pretty sure I’ve jinxed it now. One of my plans for 2009 is to write more, and write better stuff…. Read more »

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WordPress Hacks

This is just a note for future reference or a possible quick fix for those who experience the same problem: after upgrading to WordPress 2.6 earlier today, all my special characters became a garbled mess. As I use quite a lot of them—don’t you just love crème brûlée and em-dashes?—that is quite unacceptable. Commenting out… Read more »

One hundred

One hundred posts ago — or as fate would have it, exactly one year ago next Sunday — I started posting at this location. Woo-didely-hoo. Browsing back through the archives, I can’t say I’ve gotten quite the hang of it. Yet. While I didn’t start out with a clear defined goal, I must admit that… Read more »

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Some statistics

My new website went live just after I moved to my new apartment in June. This time, I’m keeping track of my esteemed visitors. Here are some numbers. There have been 1,207 visits from 620 unique visitors, resulting in 2,109 pageviews. People have been visiting from 39 countries, covering all six continents. The five countries… Read more »