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Questions, questions

So I’m pulling the plug on this feature. While I still think that in theory it could provide some interesting content, it turns out that over here in the real world, there aren’t that many unanswered questions to be found in the web stats. When there’s a question, if often falls in the same category:… Read more »

Questions, questions 2

Questions, questions is the series where I try to answer questions that appear in the webstats and aren’t already answered on this website. So that discounts those questions about how long it took Darwin to write The Origin of Species (about a year), the basic premise of The Origin and its first and last lines,… Read more »

Questions, questions

In the web stats for this website, there is a section named keywords. Here I can see what people who were send here by a search engine were looking for. I noticed that a few keywords were actually questions, and that those questions aren’t answered anywhere on this website. And then I though, wouldn’t it… Read more »