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Friday, April 29, 2005


  • Backup essential data
  • Backup semi-essential data
  • Backup mail-dumps
  • Backup setings (foobar)
  • Delete all those "temporary" folders I haven't bothered looking into since declaring them temporay
  • Delete other non-critical data
  • Find the stuff that comes with this PC
  • Kill time
  • Disconnect the lot, get it ready to move
  • Koninginnenach (no tussen-n)

A recurring theme

Last friday, I had a flat tire on my way to work, so I had to walk the last 2∼3 kilometers.

This friday, I had a flat tire on my way from work, so I left my bike there and took the bus. I'll deal with that on monday.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Guess what

Indeed, last weekend wasn't too happening either. The only semi-remarkable thing I did was visit my godfather on sunday, because his birthday is today. But other than that, nothing.

Right now I'm doing something that I should've done a lot earlier: compiling an mp3-comilation disc for a suprise-party I have to be at next sunday. Because some people think I actually make pretty good compilations. Other people know I'm nothing more than a terrible hack. Anyways, it keeps me occupied, and adds some fluff to this post. Which is over now.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


This afternoon I got a phonecall that made me all like "man, that sucks." And it does. And the part that sucks the most, is that saying it sucks is the best I (or anyone else for that matter) can do. Which sucks even more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Close call

Today, while doing groceries, I bumped into someone I've met before, and we talked a while. No big deal you say? True. And fortunately for me, I think too much about what I'm going to say, otherwise, who knows what I could've blurted out…

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pick yer poisen

For the past few days, I've been feelin kinda gloomy. Must be either Weltschmertz, Maslow's or me throwing a tantrum like some 14-year old girl. Just pick one, cause your guess is as good as mine.

And yes, I know I probably don't have any reason to feel this way, out there it's undoubtedly worse and I guess that I have to be happy with what I have to be happy with.

But dammit, I don't feel happy. Not at all.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Six Feet Under

Just finished watching the 3rd season finale of Six Feet Under. And Six Feet Under is one of the few TV-shows I enjoy up to the point where I'd consider taping it if I would be unable to catch it.

But I'm not really sure as to why I like it that much. Could be a lot of things. The fact that it is a subtle, dark comedy about a completely dysfunctional family of undertakers helps. And even though I don't think I have that much in common with any of the characters, on some level I can relate to almost all of them.

And the thing that triggered me to write about it? Something some character said, that would sound unbelievably sappy if I wrote it down, and wouldn't be completely true on top of that. Even though I can relate to it quite a bit.

And a PS to the feed-readers... check out my fancy new redesign.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


At last. After a month and a half, I just finished reading Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. And mostly, I hated it.

To clarify, this is the 3rd of Eco's books that I've read. I simply loved The Name Of The Rose, and Baudelino wasn't half bad at all. But this one just didn't do it for me. It took ages to get underway, and when it did, it still wasn't getting to me. Hell, I didn't even care when one of the lead characters bit the proverbial dust.
Also, I'd like to point out that I don't mind the occasional "difficult" book. As I said, I loved The Name Of The Rose, which I full of stuff that most likely go over the head of a lot of people. I've read Dante's La divina commedia. I can handle that, at least, as long as I'm vaguely familiar with the subject matter. So when Foucault's Pendulum goes on about the Knights Templar, I can follow. Rosicrucians and Free Masons I can cope with. But when it comes up with gnosticism, Kabbalah, and more of that mystical stuff, I get lost. And I stayed lost.

Concluding, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who isn't into the whole "alternative" mystic thing. And I most definatly wouldn't recommend it to anyone who buys into the "The DaVinci Code is Eco on speed" nonsense.

So, I'm glad I have finished that book, and now I can finally get back to where I was in Legends.

Well, no

  • It wasn't Dappie's fault we went back to Amersfoort that early. Well, OK, in a way it was, but let's keep it at that,
  • But yes, the sound was fucked up beyond belief when he played his set, The high frequencies were just as distorted/annoying as the low ones in the Brutus.
  • And while I didn't mind going there after Markzicht closed, it wasn't like it was "me having it my way", like Arie suggested.
  • The main reason I, and I quote, had the time of my life there some time ago had something to do with a certain person who kept supplying the drinks.
  • If I have anything more to add, which I doubt, I'll do that tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well, fuck it, then

Since one already went to bed, the other isn't responding, it looks like I'll be going alone, then.

Monday, April 11, 2005

So this afternoon...

I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete Keane, Somewhere Only We Know

...I drove home on my bike, the sun was shining, the music was pretty alright, and all I seemed able to do was enjoy it.

So, this weekend...

...as usual, nothing much happened. Went to my parents' house with a bag full of laundry, and sat around a bit, doing pretty much nothing.

Well, that's not entirely true, but it's close enough to be true. The only thing I had planned was one of the monthly dinnerparties. But guess what? They canceled it on the last moment because of illness. Sure. Well, it is going to be rescheduled, and I have some opening in my agenda, but I'm not reserving anything for this.
So I had a free saturdaynight. And a brainwave. So I made some phonecalls, and that night I went to see a decent coverband one village over (and that one is even smaller then Noorden) with some people who also had an unexpected free evening, my brother and some vague acquaintances of the someone's sister. Had some fun, loads of beer, and a huge headache the following morning.
Which I spend in semi-comatose state on the couch, watching the Rotterdam Marathon.

As I said, nothing much happened. But that has never stopped me from boring my, say, three, readers with it.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We are the Borg, resistance is futile, you will be emulated

Or, what to say when you have nothing to say at all. Or not much, anyway.

And you know what the strange thing is? Earlier today, I thought I had a lot to say. But now? Nothing. Nothing at all.
I guess I could tell you that I'm working on a new version of my website, but since I work on websites on a daily basis, I don't think that would be something that will make you go all, like, "wow!".
Maybe I could tell you that I'm really getting frustrated by this old heap of crappy, loud and, mostly, slow junk that vaguely resemblances a computer but stopped functioning like that (in a speedy manner, at least) a long time ago (and by really frustrated I mean right up to the point where I start screaming and cursing that damn thing and want throw it out of the window). But most likely, you'd go, like, "*shrug* whatever". And besides, the probability that I have a faster one at my disposal in the not too distant future is approaching 1.
I could go in rant mode and rant about everything and more I could rant about, but I just don't feel like that.

Yeah, well, life ain't a pancake with apples and raisins, and I most definitely want a refund.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Water discovered on Mars

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Well, just maybe…

Possibly, well, actually, most likely, I might just be not as stupid clueless as some people [want to believe/think] I am.

Misschien is het beter om iets niet te hebben
Dan om het gelijk al weer kwijt te zijn Acda & De Munnik, Als Je Me Morgen Ziet

'Cause, like, yeah, I'd never know how that feels.

And yes, I was intoxicated when I wrote this, so I'm denying everything I (think I) said.