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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brothers & sisters,

Verily I say onto you: I was not given pancakes to eat, nor did My Neighbour From Up The Stairs descend from Upstairs this weekend.

But lo! When He did came down, He took my shakily held assumption that something might be wrong with the power supply of my computer into His hands, and turned it into My New Religion™.
So I say unto you, and heed these words well, that early next week, I will need to get a Fix on that, and I shan't be denied. Looks like I've got to upgrade my power supply unit, then hook up my new soundcard and a new DVD-drive as well (since this one is dead as hell) and then just pray everything will work as smoothly as ever.

Gimme an amen, a hallelujah and a gawd-bomb somebody!


  1. HALLELUJAH! GAWD- BOMB(ore somethink) AMEN God loves you too !
  2. Wat aardig van 'm...
  3. God houd niet van mijn schat anders had hij hem nu tot zich genomen. Laten we bidden dat god mijn William nog heel lang haat. Amen
  4. God heeft een missie voor onze "schat". Hij moet nog meer mensen maken. Maar willie werkt tegen! Dus tot die tijd word hij geleid en zal hij boete.

Friday, February 17, 2006

To continue where I left off...

So I completely ignored the fact that tuesday was the 14th of february, and went on with business as usual.
Wednesday, I played two point five hours of volleyball, with just a thirty minute break in between. Needless the say, the last of the three consecutive games we had to finish with pretty much sucked. But the other games we played were quite decent. Two more rounds to play, and if we're able to keep this up, we should be able to force a promotion out of it. Only two points behind the leader, so…
Thursday, after first spending some time harassing The Person Who Should've Been Graduated Already into doing something he had agreed to do into doing just the thing he had agreed to do, he, me and Previously My Neighbour went all the way to Zoetermeer to this gig we were going to. Which was anything but bad, but still, the Amstelveen one still holds the preliminary number one spot in the list of the best concerts I've seen this year. The long, tedious journey to get there was anything but fun. For the person who was mercilessly mocked and ridiculed at every opportunity that presented itself. Which was actually quite entertaining.
Today, well, *shrugs*. Guess I'll end end up in some bar somewhere. Alone, most likely. Or in the company of the persons who happen to be there, whoever they might be. Well, guess that'll work itself out pretty fine and dandy. Spiffy, even.

Tomorrow, I dunno. Maybe I'll get some pancakes, who knows?
Sunday afternoon, The Neighbour From Up The Stairs is coming down here to take a look at my PC, because it's either something with the power supply, the sucker getting too hot, or something completely else that I haven't even thought of yet—but he's the hardware-guru, so maybe he knows what's up.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear Diary,

It hurts me to put it to you this way, but I don't feel bad about neglecting you at all. For the last week I've had some stuff on my mind and some stuff goin' on that I don't have to worry about no more. And with that, I thought that I might as well tell you something about what I've done since I've last talked to you. Ready?

The thursday before I last talked to you, I've been to Utrecht, to see Acda en De Munnik live in concert. And you know what? They rocked my socks! There were only two minor complaints I had. The first one was that I didn't think that the venue was right for a rockconcert, and secondly, that they did play "Niet Of Nooit Geweest", and skipped the title song of the tour, "Jaren Ver Van Hier". While, at the moment, the latter song is close to being my favorite A&dM-song (the lyrics are so recognizable), the former falls in the same category as that song I've gone on and on about. Can't stand to hear it no more.
Other then that, the show rocked. The setlist contained some of my favorite songs ("Eerste Helmersstraat", "Andere Maan", "Als Je Me Morgen Ziet", "(Noem Me) Oud Verdriet", "Lopen Tot De Zon Komt", etc.), they obviously enjoyed themselves on stage, all in all, great fun!

The friday after that, I was supposed to go to some party, but due to someone not getting tickets like he said he would, I was denied! Denied! Me! Ah well. There's always next time.

Saturday was next. We (being Previously My Neighbour, He With Whom I Share A Front-door, His Girlfriend and Me) went to Purmerend for the birthday-party of The Person Who Should've Been Graduated Already. I enjoyed myself a great deal there, Previously My Neighbor and Me decided there and then to go for a second round of What Possibly Could've Been the Best Concert of the Year already, and The Person Who… decided that he, too, was wondering what we were so ecstatic about, so he's coming too! Great Fun!
We left 'round twelvish, the ride the back was quite uneventful (well, there was that door which slammed vigorously shut), the beer in Marktzicht went down quite easy until fourish, the headache the next morning was a great deal less agreeable, and the aftermath went by untouched. Not even my ten-foot pole was going to touch that.

Speaking of wednesday, I went out for dinner (Japanese beef steak salad on spinach with radish and ginger, accompanied by a teriyaki sauce; Tame duck breast, preserved in honey, served with stir-fried green asparagus and balsamic butter; and Affo-gato: vanilla ice cream with a warm mocha-amaretto sauce.) with my volleyball-team. Dinner was quite yummy.
Thursday I actually played volleyball, and friday, I went home to my parents' with some laundry that needed fixin'.

Seizing the opportunity, or rather, it being my turn, nine out of a possible ten people turned up for dinner on saturday, what brought the grand total of people that had to be impressed by my vast cooking skills (nobody's reading this anyway, so why shouldn't I tell the truth, right?) to fourteen. After a peeling a metric shitload of potatoes (for the farmers' cabbage and carrot/onion-mash) it was good to see that there were barely any leftovers. Finished the bottle of wine (red) all by myself—I'm such a big boy—and though the whole event went down quite smoothly. Even the improved recipe for the carrot/onion-mash (New! Now with whole peppercorns!) wasn't too bad. At all.
Went home on sunday after watching the olympic women's 3.000 meters speed-skating event. W00st for gold!

And now it's monday, and I've told you all you need to know. Bye-bye now!


  1. *zwaait* Bye Bye

Friday, February 03, 2006

When the spark hits

So instead of going to some party where I would have been just as out of place as the pope at a hookers-convention, I am sitting here, waiting for the divine spark of inspiration … I'll let you know when it hits.