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Monday, February 26, 2007

First Lines: 2-for-1 special edition

Russell Kirkpatrick — Fire of Heaven Book II: In the Earth Abides the Flame
Using the Blue Fire left Deorc panting, as always.

The epic journey continues with the usual fantasy stuff. Quite enjoyable, although the religious plotline in the story got quite close to the edge of being intolerable.

Terry Pratchett — The Colour of Magic
In a distant and second-hand set of dimensions, in an astral plane that was never meant to fly, the curling star-mists waver and part…

For quite some time I had been planning to read some Pratchett. I finally got to the point where I did it, and it was quite enjoyable. Not as hilarious as nearly everyone led me to believe it should supposedly be, but since it's the first book in the series, lets assume that mr. Pratchett was searching his style. The follow up should be happening sooner rather than later.

So I'm back from Breskens. Quite an entertaining and insightful but rather exhausting weekend. Blackmail material can be found through the photo link in the sidebar.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here I go, again

Next week, I'll try to write something about the two books I've recently finished, as well as my upcoming weekend in Breskens. If those six kids don't finish me off before then, that is.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Two weeks ago, Friday, I took a plane to Vienna to see Tanz der Vampire in Concert and meet some fellow Steinman-fanatics.

While getting to see Vienna was entirely circumstantial, I walked around quite a bit, and saw a lot. Highlights include my visit to the Kunsthistorisches Museum (lots of paintings by Rubens, Bruegel the Elder, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, et al, as well as a nice collection of Egyptian stuff) and the Prunksaal of the Austrian National Library. Pure library porn. Pictures are available.

The show was great. With no sets, minimal use of props and the orchestra in the middle of the stage, the focus was really on the music. And the music is — of course — fan-fucking-tanz-tic. Thomas Borchert stole the show. His Von Krolock was just as great as I remembered from Hamburg, three years ago. But what's even more important, it looked like the whole cast was enjoying themselves a lot with this performance, and that showed. Highlights include Nie Geseh'n, the Draußen is Freiheit / Die roten Stiefel / Stärker als wir sind section (during the last part I had a hard time keeping my eyes dry) and Die unstillbare Gier, with a special mention of the last note of Finale I. Akt, which went on and on and on. Supposedly, a recording of this concert version will be released on CD. Bring it on.

The meeting people part was probably my favorite part of the trip. During diner on Friday I still needed to loosen up a bit, but by Saturday-afternoon I think I had acclimatised enough to be more or less myself. Too bad the trip was almost over then. Meeting Mr and Mrs Dave, Markus, Peter, Mr and Mrs Laci, Martin and JD was a blast. For those of you not in-the-know — which will be 99% of my readers, I reckon — JD is the president of the Jim Steinman fanclub and she runs JimSteinman.com and the Rockman Record, which I've been frequenting for about ten years now. Finally getting to meet her was great. Talking to the Maestro himself on the batphone was an unexpected surprise, but I must confess to idiotic blubbering like the starstruck fanboy that I am.

All in all, it was a great and very memorable trip, mostly thanks to the great company. Thanks guys.

Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)

This morning, my remaining two wisdom teeth were pulled. Were the other two went, I don't know, but apparently, they're gone. And maybe it's the anesthesia talking, but just like root canal treatments, I think that people who make a fuss about them are probably either pussies or men with (really) small penises.

As you might think, yes, that means I got back from Vienna in one piece, and I'll try to do a write-up later tonight.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jetzt laden die Vampire zum Tanz!

Tomorrow I'll be going to Vienna to see "Tanz der Vampire in Concert" and meet some people. I'll be back Sunday afternoon. Do behave when I'm gone.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In before the dogma

Fokke en Sukke willen nog even wat kwijt