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Monday, April 30, 2007

First Lines: Get out of my way, Utopia!

In the early 22nd century, half of The Netherlands has been drowned beneath the sea. Amsterdam is moved to just above Zwolle, Rotterdam is now surrounded by enormous flood walls, The Hague has vanished, and the government now resides in Amersfoort, which lies now at the coast (jay!). Most of the cities and all highways have been rebuild underground, and the "upper world" is mostly used for nature and recreation.

In this setting, Niemand houdt mij tegen takes place. For a fifteen year old book, it's pretty up to speed: global warming and illegal foreigners are prevalent throughout the book. And since it's a young adult's novel of course you have all the other regular stuff too.

I've first read this book about fifteen years ago, and back then it must have made a big impression, since it did regularly pop up in the back of my head. After reading it again, I must say that it does hold up. Unlike that Thea Beckman book that I read a couple of years ago, which I found pretty irritating.

Luus, wanna borrow?

Evert Hartman – Niemand houdt mij tegen (een avontuur in de 22ste eeuw)
Het had niet geholpen

Utopia is just like The Beatles: I can see that it's been influential and groundbreaking in it's time, but it just bores me to tears, and a lot of it sucks rotten green eggs. Meh.

Sir Thomas More – Utopia (translated by Peter K. Marshall)
The most victorious King of England, Henry the Eight, most accomplished in all the virtues of an outstanding prince, recently had a disagreement on certain matters of great importance with Charles, the most serene Prince of Castile


  1. I read that book as well, Roxors big time (the Hartman book that is)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April fifth: CSS Naked Day '07

Tomorrow, April 5 is the second Annual CSS Naked Day. Guess who's joining the fun nakedness?