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100 Things: Beethoven’s Ninth

Number 74 on my list of 100 fun things to do for no particular reason is “See Beethoven’s Ninth in concert.” Check. Done. Last night I went to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam (related item on the list — #70: see a concert in the Concertgebouw) where the Orkest van het Oosten performed Beethoven’s choral symphony…. Read more »

100 Things: Climb the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren

In the center of Amersfoort there is a tower. It’s quite noticeable too: at 98.33 meters, it’s the third highest church tower of the Netherlands. And since I moved to Amersfoort nearly eleven years ago, I kept on not getting around to actually climb it. So I put it on my list of 100 things… Read more »

First Lines: Spirits of the Dead

Spirits of the Dead: Tales and Poems would have been significantly improved if its editors, in their inestimable wisdom, had put the story Mellonta Tauta at the very front of this collection of poems and tales of Edgar Allen Poe. You see, this story starts with an all too perfect description of this volume’s contents:… Read more »