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Seen Live: a balladeer @ Fluor

Between the first time I saw a balladeer and the 25th time, last sunday, twelve years, four months and ten days have passed. That first time, they were a band, opening for Stevie Ann in the now-defunct De Kelder in Amersfoort, just after “Swim With Sam” was all over the radio. Now, it is just… Read more »

30 Day Song Challenge #26

Day 26: a song that makes you want to fall in love. a balladeer — When Dean Was the Man (And Monroe Always Smiled) You see, I have this picture, all perfect and pretty, in which all is all that it seems. A white picket-fence home, away from the city, to live the American Dream…. Read more »

Seen Live: a balladeer @ De Helling

Back in 2013 I first saw Mevrouw Tamara sing one song at De supersonische boem!. That one song completely captivated me. So I checked out some of her songs online, and since I liked what I heard, I kept an eye open for a gig I could attend. No such opportunity arose. And then she… Read more »

Seen Live: a balladeer @ De Vereeniging

Marinus’ slightly over an hour long, slightly more upbeat that usual solo set on the lovely terrace of De Vereeniging was the 22nd time I saw him (with or without band) perform. So, ehm, did I say his new record A Wolf at the Door is ace? No? Well, it is ace. Here’s the final… Read more »

Seen Live: Club Gigant

When I saw that a balladeer was about to embark on a small tour to try out new songs, I quickly ordered a ticket for the most convenient gig, being a friday night in Apeldoorn. Then, life happened. Or, more accurately, events I hadn’t anticipated followed each other a tiny bit faster than I anticipated…. Read more »