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Seen Live: a balladeer

So last thursday I saw a balladeer for the nineteenth time since 2006. This time it was just Marinus, with the help of Tim Coenen on some songs. Despite the small crowd (I counted 26), the small room (not much bigger than my living room) and the short(ish) set, I once again understood why I… Read more »

Seen Live: a balladeer

The last time I saw a balladeer perform as a band was om their theatertour in February 2010. After that show, guitarist Erik Meereboer left the band, and with drummer Tijs Stehman being busy with his day job singer Marinus de Goederen went solo as mr. a balladeer with the excellent album Sorry, Kid. If… Read more »

Seen Live: “Two Men, One Story”

Michiel Flamman (of Solo) and Marinus de Goederen (of a balladeer) just did a little tour of four shows together. If you missed their Two Men, One Story shows, well, you missed out. Michiel and Marinus played their songs, and told about their experiences in the music business. It was lovely. The audience kept quiet…. Read more »

Bandje kijken

Maart was de maand van mijn meest favoriete Linkse Hobby™: bandje kijken. Zeven keer was het raak. En dat is toch wel iets van een persoonlijk record. Van de zeven waren er drie min of meer verplichte nummers. Daniël Lohues (5 maart) is een held, om het Trans-Siberian Orchestra (26 maart) kon ik ook niet… Read more »