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First Lines: End of Watch

End of Watch is the final volume in Stephen King’s Bill Hodges-trilogy. Unlike Finders Keepers it directly links back to the events set out in Mr. Mercedes. In fact, the opening of this book gives us another angle on the Mercedes Killer’s rampage. Fast forward six years, where our favorite Ret. Det. Hodges, now diagnosed… Read more »

First Lines: Finders Keepers

Although Stephen King’s Finders Keepers is the second part in what has to become the Bill Hodges trilogy, it takes its sweet time to pick up the threads Mr. Mercedes left dangling. The story starts some thirty years before those events, with three guys robbing a reclusive writer of the contents of his safe (and… Read more »

First Lines: Mr. Mercedes

Stephen King is a jerk. First, he gets you to care about a bunch of people waiting in line for a job fair, and then he goes and kills ’em all by having a big gray Mercedes plow through them. The story resumes with the now-retired lead-police detective of the case receiving a letter from… Read more »