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30 Day Song Challenge #9

Day 9: A song that makes you happy. BLØF — Beter Of course, there are loads of songs that make me happy. This song by BLØF — one of my favorite Dutch bands, although I lost them a bit after their In het midden van alles record — was a hit with me pretty much… Read more »

First Lines: Hier / Seen Live: Bløf

Why, yes! Since the book I finished last week is the biography of the band I saw last friday, there no reason not to wrap both up in a double feature. This year BLØF, one of the most popular bands in The Netherlands, celebrates their twentieth anniversary. Hier: 20 jaar Bløf, the band’s new biography… Read more »

Al is het maar voor even

Tonight I went to see BLØF in Paradiso. And, damn, did they rock. BLØF — Hou vol, hou vast Seen live: BLØF at Paradiso, Amsterdam on February 28th, 2011 Setlist: Maan en sterren / Wijd open / Hou vol, hou vast / We doen wat we kunnen / Beter / Iedereen / Wat jij denkt… Read more »

Listen closely

Yesterday, I once again found myself sitting in a theater. As they aren’t common locations for pop/rock concerts over, I started to think that over, and came to the conclusion that I quite like ’em. (Which may be a function of my musical preferences becoming much more mellow.) In the theater, people tend to sit… Read more »