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First Lines: The Prince of Mist

After the success of The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game the earlier work of Carlos Ruiz Zafón is being translated into English. The Prince of Mist was Zafón’s first published novel, and a ‘young adult’ one, at that. Not that I have problems with that: I read those like nobody’s business. Still,… Read more »

First lines: The Angel’s Game

An ambitious young writer makes a living writing sensationalist mystery stories. When a mysterious French publisher makes him an offer he cannot refuse—write a book, or rather, create a religion and receive a small fortune. Reluctantly he takes the job, and intrigue, murder and mystery follow. The Angel’s Game is a dreamy novel. You can’t… Read more »

First Lines: Gaudí in Manhattan

Back in September 2004 I was in Barcelona for a couple of days. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I should have, since I was sick for about half of the trip. Must’ve been something I ate. One of the things that I did get to enjoy, was what’s finished of Gaudí’s Sagrada… Read more »