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Take Cover

Today I noticed that the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport launched a campaign to inform the public that a) you’re required to have a medical insurance, and b) that they’re going to get you if you don’t. That’s all fine and dandy. There’s only one slight problem: the campaign uses comic fucking sans…. Read more »

Exposing YouTube’s Shortlink with Greasemonkey

Last week, I was surprised to find that YouTube does not promote its shortlinks prominently on the video pages. Sure, it’s trivial enough to transform the regular url ( into its shorter counterpart (, but let’s face it, we’re all a bunch of lazy sobs. To cut a long story short, I pieced together… Read more »

Fixing’s library with Greasemonkey

While I love all the data my library, I was missing something. To be precise, easy access from song and album pages in your library to the corresponding artist page in your library. Also, while there is a link to the site-wide artist pages, there is no link to the side-wide album pages. So… Read more »

Fixing Twitter’s link click tracking with Greasemonkey

Recently Twitter started to track the links being clicked on Instead of sending you directly to, say, they started to redirect you to a link like I first noticed this new behaviour during one of Twitter’s infamous slow spells. Instead of seeing whatever it was I was supposed to see, all I… Read more »

Lesson learned

Okay, so I just pieced together my first Greasemonkey user script, which exposes the short URLs Flickr provides. Neat little thing, and probably worth publishing so that everybody can use it, right? Well, guess what. Indeed: if I had done what I normally do—i.e., spend a little time searching the internet instead of just one… Read more »