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First Lines: Strange Weather

Joe Hill just keeps getting better. I keep on liking every one of his books more than the previous one. Strange Weather is no exception. It collects four short novels, which are all quite, quite good. It starts off with “Snapshot”, where there is this guy stealing memories with some sort of Polaroid camera, and… Read more »

First Lines: The Fireman

If you want to talk about Joe Hill’s The Fireman, you’ll eventually have to acknowledge the elephant in the room: talking about The Fireman while not discussing his father’s work seems nearly impossible. As Hill said in an interview with Wired: Two-thirds into writing the book, it suddenly hit me how much The Fireman parallels… Read more »

First Lines: Stephen King Short Story Collaborations

In 2012, Stephen King released two collaborative short stories. So far, they remain uncollected in an anthology. The first of the two, In the Tall Grass was written with Joe Hill (their second collaboration, after Throttle). It’s a lot like King’s own Children of the Corn, but then really sick. Loads of fun. A Face… Read more »

First Lines: NOS4R2

The Missus and I can’t split up anymore, and it’s all Joe Hill’s fault. At a book signing in an excellent bookstore in London, he asked us if we were really sure he should put both our names in this copy of NOS4R2, and we said we were. He was a bit hesitant, because at… Read more »