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Bat Out of Hell Is 40

Yesterday it was exactly forty years ago that Bat Out of Hell, one of my all time favorite albums, was released. A day late, I still have a few thoughts I want to share. Bat came out three years before I was born. I am sure I have shared the story before, but I have… Read more »

Fifteen Seconds of Internet Fame

Last week, on his 66th birthday, mr. Loaf started a two-month engagement in Las Vegas. The Guardian wrote about it on their website, and heck, they even mentioned me: To capture the true beauty of the Steinloaf collaboration, you have to visit the corners of the internet where intense musical nerds dwell. And so, their… Read more »

First Lines: Endlessly Horny for Wonder and Magic

If your name is Tim Quirk and you wrote an essay called Endlessly Horny for Wonder and Magic: How Bat Out of Hell Perfectly Captured the Pre-Pubescent American Id (and Nearly Ruined Me for Life) about one of my favorite albums (12 copies and counting, eventhough I prefer the sequel), well, you earned yourself 99… Read more »

Review: Hell in a Handbasket

Lets get the actual review out of the way first, before I digress: Meat Loaf’s latest album, Hell in a Handbasket, is a pretty good album, but it’s just not how I like my Meat Loaf. I like it big and pompously over the top and silly jet sincere with loads of piano thunder. Instead,… Read more »