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Dance Dance Dance

Today I got a question through Twitter. If I really had a copy of Patti Russo’s 1998 Dance Dance Dance single, and if I would mind sharing that. Yes, I really have a copy, and no, I don’t mind sharing it as there is no way you can get hold of it apart from coming… Read more »

Webstats 2010, part two

Besides this weblog, I have this other website, which is basically something that started out quite innocently, and then got completely out of hand. I speak, of course, of The (almost) complete Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman lyric archive. Here is how that site did last year. In a word, compared to 2009, it was… Read more »

Fat Out of Hell

A couple of weeks ago, when I tracked down one of the few pieces I still think I need for my Meat Loaf collection, I came across a mysterious Meat Loaf tribute album called Fat Out of Hell by some guy going by the very imaginative name MeatBalls. Usually, I don’t care for that kind… Read more »