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Meat Loaf in Slagharen

Because some people got the crazy idea that I’m some kind of computer whizkid, people sometimes ask me if I can do something for them. Truth be told, as long as those damn things just work I can usually persuade them to do my bidding, but when they don’t, well, damn them straight to damnation…. Read more »

Hang Cool Teddy Bear

Meat Loaf’s latest album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear, has been out since April 16th, and I still don’t quite know what to make of it. If it had been a complete disaster, an utter train wreck of ill-conceived ideas and cliched songs, it would have been easy. If this album had been a spectacular return… Read more »

Let It Be

There was a question in my mailbox about the where and when of Meat Loaf’s cover of “Let It Be.” According to the liner notes of the “Not a Dry Eye in the House” single, it was recorded for ABC’s Nightline. But as anyone who knows how to string a few keywords together would have… Read more »

Another birthday boy

Today is Meat Loaf’s 62nd birthday. This is my obligatory mention of that fact, and this is a link to the best performance on his 2007 tour. Indeed, I got no inspiration today.

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