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No promises, no debts

My momma always told me that you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep. (Actually, I can’t recall her ever telling me that, but bear with me.) Your mother probably told you the same thing, as it seems like something every mother is bound to tell sooner or later. And if it wasn’t your mother who… Read more »

Friday night at Lost&Found

First things first: There is no photographic evidence, and there won’t be any (what the hell) the slides are up now. The Lost&Found evening went down like this: the doors opened, I was playing some obscure Meat Loaf songs, including a lot from his Motown soul era [download .mp3], and some related musical goodness (like… Posted , filed under Life & tagged with .

Won’t do what?

The last presentation I have given was over three years ago. The next one is scheduled for February 22, at Lost&Found in De Waag in Amsterdam somewhere between 9 and 11 pm. I will be trying to shed some light on the one question that has been bugging mankind since 1993: what is it that… Read more »


I just got an email: De voorstelling van Meat Loaf, welke in Ahoy’ te Rotterdam op 20-11-2007 zou plaatsvinden is afgelast. Dit in verband met een cyste op de stemband van de zanger. Er komt geen vervangende datum. De kaarten kunnen worden ingeleverd tot 20-12-2007 bij één van onze verkooppunten. Or in short and understandable… Read more »

You can slice it any way you want it

Depending what side you’re on, today is either Meat Loaf’s 56th or 60th birthday. I went into that whole deal last year, so I’ll just point to that for now. Late last year, mr. Loaf released an album that should have been titled “The Monster Is Loose”. There are many reasons why I have, to… Read more »

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