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First Lines: Norse Mythology

It should come as no surprise whatsoever that Neil Gaiman’s latest, Norse Mythology, delivers exactly what the front cover promises: Neil Gaiman retelling Norse Myths. Starting at the very beginning with the creation myth, he leads us through the gods’ exploits to Ragnarök, the very end of all things. As with anything Gaiman touches, it… Read more »

First Lines: American Gods (reread)

When I first read American Gods in 2010, I didn’t have much to say about it. Now, after having been triggered to revisit it two times in rapid succession, and well before the television series is finished, I went ahead and re-read it. American Gods is still the story of what Shadow did after he… Read more »

First Lines: Trigger Warning

Neil Gaiman’s latest volume of collected short fictions and disturbances, Trigger Warning (table of contents), is a hoot. For this post, I was going to dump a load of links to you, but as I could mostly find links to readings of the work, I won’t. Take, for example, “Click-Clack the Rattlebag”, which is an… Read more »

First Lines: The Book of Ballads

Neil Gaiman was my gateway-drug to Charles Vess, since he did the illustrations for Gaiman’s Stardust. Then came his illustrations for Peter Pan, and Instructions, again with Gaiman. Finally, his work on Gaiman’s Sandman and The Books of Magic are very pleasing to the eye. Some time ago, I picked up a copy of Vess’… Read more »