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Against My Better Judgement

For a number of very compelling reasons—for me, at least—I wasn’t going to send out any of my usual one-size-fits-all-cards this year. And then one of my, well, let’s call it esteemed colleagues was being very helpful.

And No, I Won’t Explain Why It’s Funny

This year, I’ll send my “traditional” one-card-fits-all-card out digitally. The money I won’t be spending on stamps will be donated to a charity of my choice. photo credit: "zzz.." by zrahen / CC BY-NC 2.0 So, have a merry everything and a happy thingamabob. Really.

In lieu of cards

For the past three years, I’ve send some crappy cards around this time of year. This year, I didn’t. But I got a pretty damned good excuse: