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30 Day Song Challenge #19

Day 19: A song that makes you think about life. Savatage — This Is the Time (1990) It was the year of nineteen-ninety And the Berlin wall was down And a thousand years regretted Now laid buried in the ground And the prophets read the future And the omens all seemed kind In the classic… Read more »

Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill, songwriter and producer for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage, has died. And even through I have bitched a bit here and there about TSO swallowing up my first-ever favorite band, this blows. O’Neill helped make Savatage what they were (theatrical, symphonical, over-the-top-rock-opera-metal awesomeness), he co-wrote all music and wrote most of the words, and… Read more »

Seen Live: Circle II Circle

Circle II Circle’s tour in support of their latest album “Reign of Darkness” (Spotify) took them, quite surprisingly, to our neck of the woods. As a Savatage-afficinado — singer Zachary Stevens was their singer for four albums and most of the 1990s — having missed all their previous shows in The Netherlands on account of… Read more »

Seen Live: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Well, screw it. I’m completely over Trans-Siberian Orchestra swallowing up Savatage whole. If they keep playing shows like the one they did in Amsterdam on January 18th — I can live with that. There’s a simple explanation for that: it was awesome. Yes, sure, it had little to do with a Savatage show (apart for… Read more »

Seen Live: Jon Oliva’s Pain

Jon Oliva’s Pain was touring Europe in honor of the 25th anniversary of Savatage’s classic Hall of the Mountain King album. Which makes sense when you know that Jon Oliva once upon a time was the frontman of Savatage. And Savatage, well, it is no more, will probably never be again. It was my fifth… Read more »