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First Lines: End of Watch

End of Watch is the final volume in Stephen King’s Bill Hodges-trilogy. Unlike Finders Keepers it directly links back to the events set out in Mr. Mercedes. In fact, the opening of this book gives us another angle on the Mercedes Killer’s rampage. Fast forward six years, where our favorite Ret. Det. Hodges, now diagnosed… Read more »

First Lines: Stephen King Short Story Collaborations

In 2012, Stephen King released two collaborative short stories. So far, they remain uncollected in an anthology. The first of the two, In the Tall Grass was written with Joe Hill (their second collaboration, after Throttle). It’s a lot like King’s own Children of the Corn, but then really sick. Loads of fun. A Face… Read more »

First Lines: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is Stephen King’s latest collection of stories. It contains several pieces I’ve read before: Mile 81 and Ur were released as stand-alone e-books (and upon revisiting the later, I liked it quite a bit more than I did), and Blockade Billy was published with Morality tacked on. Not every tale… Read more »

First Lines: Finders Keepers

Although Stephen King’s Finders Keepers is the second part in what has to become the Bill Hodges trilogy, it takes its sweet time to pick up the threads Mr. Mercedes left dangling. The story starts some thirty years before those events, with three guys robbing a reclusive writer of the contents of his safe (and… Read more »

First Lines: Revival

Revival is another of Stephen King’s more character driven novels. You have your six-year old protagonist, who grows up to be a burned-out, heroin-addicted rhythm guitarist, who keeps running into this guy that keeps changing his life. And this guy–a priest who once lost everything, including his faith in God–is the agent of change, the… Read more »