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First Lines: Mr. Mercedes

Stephen King is a jerk. First, he gets you to care about a bunch of people waiting in line for a job fair, and then he goes and kills ’em all by having a big gray Mercedes plow through them. The story resumes with the now-retired lead-police detective of the case receiving a letter from… Read more »

First Lines: Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s latest novel, Doctor Sleep, answers the question, Whatever happened to that little kid from The Shining? Well—spoiler alert—Danny Torrance grew up to be an alcoholic, just like his dad. He wanders around from town to town, until he finally settles down, sobers up (thanks to the Higher Powers of AA) and finds a… Read more »

First Lines: Joyland

Published by Hard Case Crime, Joyland is Stephen King’s second attempt at writing a pulpy crime story. His first one, 2005’s The Colorado Kid was more of a crime mystery novel, since nothing much was resolved. Joyland‘s main mystery—who killed Linda Gray?—gets resolved. But like it often goes with King, the stuff that happens isn’t… Read more »

First Lines: Stephen King special

Because I seem to have build up a backlog of books I’ve read but haven’t written about, here’s a round up of three Stephen King novellas. Throttle, written as tribute to the Richard Matheson short story Duel, is a collaboration between King and his son, Joe Hill. The story deals with a gang of outlaw… Read more »

First Lines: The Wind Through the Keyhole

You could call me a Stephen King junkie. I’m pretty sure I read all his fiction—not all in English, yet—and a few of his non-fiction works. The thing is, the man just keeps coming with more books. Which I don’t mind, as they seem to be getting better. As the name betrays, King’s latest novel… Read more »