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First lines: Storm of the Century

Little Tall Island, the same island where Dolores Claiborne did or did not made her husband disappear, is being hit by probably the heaviest storm in, well, a long while. It’s a big one, and the people in this small community are cut off from the main land. Then, in good Stephen King tradition, Evil… Read more »

First lines: Secret Windows

Let’s see: a post about Jim Steinman, one about Meat Loaf, wouldn’t that mean that another Stephen King one should follow right about now? And by the needle work of Freyja, here it is! Secret Windows: Essays and Fiction on the Craft of Writing contains a wide range of short stories (mostly available in other… Read more »

First lines: Dolores Claiborne

You mustn’t read Dolores Claiborne, they say, ‘cus it’s just some old woman sittin’ with some coppers, tellin them the story of her life, and how she killed that no-good husband of hers. Just some fine advice that I’ve been given. But in my quest to read every book that Stephen King has written, it… Read more »

First lines: Gerald’s Game

A solitary cabin in the woods of western Maine. Gerald lies dead on the floor, which leaves his wife with a tiny problem, as she lies handcuffed to the bed. End of chapter one. Jessie has to find a way to escape, otherwise a certain death by dehydration (or perhaps, madness) awaits. During the remaining… Read more »

First Lines: Four Past Midnight

One of my favorite stories by Stephen King is one of his shorter ones, Rita Haywood and the Shawshank Redemption. So when I acquired another five books to fill out my collection, I picked up Four Past Midnight first, as it is a similar volume as the one that contains Shawshank, Different Seasons. Of the… Read more »